Lifeworks Community Computers

Lifeworks Community Computers LCC was started by Mike Gibson to support people on the Autistic Spectrum, by carrying out repairs and upgrades to computers, teaching clients and carers how to use and build them, as well as supplying computers to the members of Lifeworks.

Unfortunately, Lifeworks have had no choice but to close this service due to moving into a much smaller premises.

Most of the equipment in the LCC was donated to The Community Recycling Consortium but some of it was sold on to clients or members of the public.

If you would like help with your computer, device or console for example:

  • Internet Security

  • Anti-virus

  • Hacking Problems

  • Data Protection

  • Social Media

  • Updates

  • Ad-blockers

  • Repairs

  • CPU's

  • Help with Apps

  • Microsoft

  • Memory (RAM)

  • Cloud

  • Device Setup

  • Licensing

  • Domain

  • E-mail

Please contact Simeon on 07495563202 and we will see if we can help you. We ask for a donation for our help and advice and you will have to pay for any replacement parts we have to order. If you struggle to get out of the house Simeon may be able to come to your house to help you.


Lifeworks has a computer that is available to use if you need access to a computer and don't have one or if you need help with filling in on-line forms.

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