Supporting People in North Staffordshire with Autistic Spectrum Conditions

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Lifeworks initially screen new clients to see how we can help; we refer people to other organisations who would not benefit from our services. There is currently a long waiting list for new clients, however if you would like to access social groups the wait is usually shorter. We have a landline, mobile, and e-mail that anyone who needs help can contact us on. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Befriending Sessions

Our volunteers help build social interactions by maintaining a friendly, sympathetic, and professional relationship. Helping you gain confidence through social interaction and valuable life skills. All our Befrienders are DBS checked and receive training. We are currently looking for more Befrienders so there is a long wait for this service.

One to One Appointments

If you need to see someone in private to discuss personal issues or struggle in group environments, please contact Lifeworks and we can arrange an appointment for you to see one of our professionals. Lifeworks provide Social Interpretation, Advocacy and Mentoring. For more regular one to one support we provide Life-coaching for £30 per hour, this can be up to every two weeks. These sessions cover a wide range of topics and are tailored to each individual.

Client Social Groups

Lifeworks have a variety of social activities including quizzes, board games, pool, walking, and days out to various locations. We have created an environment where you can talk to like-minded people and join in any activities to improve confidence and well-being. Some of these activities require a small payment from each client. Contact us for details.


This £12 yearly subscription includes two newsletters sent by e-mail, access to two group Life-coaching session via Zoom, and reduced fees for any conferences we host.  

Carer Support Groups

Lifeworks run three groups per month in the community for carers who need advice, a chat with people who understand, or just need to offload their thoughts or worries.

Paid Services

For some of our services including, Life-coaching, benefit support, letter to GPs, and other letters, we charge a small fee. This is for our time and expertise. If you are struggling, you can request to pay in instalments. To access these services you must live in Staffordshire and be a client. Contact us for details.


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Mission Statement
To support marginalised people 14+ with an average or above IQ with Autism, ADHD, Dyspraxia, Tourette's Syndrome, mostly with mental ill health, and their carers to find a sustainable lifestyle.
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Thair, Client  

‘Coming to Lifeworks is a way of meeting other people in the same situation. It’s a place I can go where people don’t judge. I feel my life has changed for the better and now I have a purpose. Before the support from Lifeworks my life consisted of many struggles but now I can speak to people at Lifeworks and always feel supported’

Martyn, Client

'They are understanding with how I am. Helped me understand myself and why I do things the way I do. Made me feel more confident and given me a social life with people who are understanding and not as judgemental. They have also helped me with filling forms in for PIPS'

Linda, Carer

‘Lifeworks has given me confidence, also a social life in a safe and friendly environment, it also helps me to understand myself and helps when I am feeling down.’

Liam, Client

‘Since becoming a client I have more self-confidence and this has boosted my self-esteem. I feel understood at Lifeworks and this has helped remove the isolation I was experiencing’.

Dr Wood, Professional 

‘To everyone at Lifeworks, I just wanted to say a big thank you for supporting our student, Trainee Clinical Psychologist with accessing participants to take part in her research for her thesis. Our student has now completed her research and has passed her viva. I know she is planning to contact you to say thank you herself and to give you some feedback from the research, but as her clinical supervisor, I also wanted to say thank you for your support.’


'The presentation was fantastic, we really do appreciate you taking out the time to deliver it to us.  This was our most popular CC meeting we have had so far and had 15 people attend. Again thank you to you all.'


  12 Merrial St 
  ST5 2AD
  Landline: 01782 615222.
  Mobile: 07450002289.
  Charity Number 1120803
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