Supporting People in North Staffordshire with Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Our Services

Lifeworks initially screen new clients to see how we can help; we refer people to other organisations who would not benefit from our services. We have a landline, mobile, and e-mail that anyone who needs help can contact us on. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Befriending Sessions

Our volunteers help build social interactions by maintaining a friendly, sympathetic, and professional relationship. Helping you gain confidence through social interaction and valuable life skills.

One to One Appointments

If you need to see someone in private to discuss personal issues or struggle in group environments, please contact Lifeworks and we can arrange an appointment for you to see one of our professionals. Lifeworks provide Social Interpretation, Advocacy and Mentoring. (SIAM)

Client Social Groups

Lifeworks have a variety of social activities including quizzes, board games, retro games, pool, walking in the summer months, and support groups. We have created an environment where you can talk to like-minded people and join in any activities to improve confidence and well-being. 


This £10 yearly subscription includes two newsletters sent by e-mail, access to two group Life-coaching session via Zoom, and reduced fees for any conferences we host.  

Carer Support Groups

Lifeworks run three groups per month in the community for carers who need advice, a chat with people who understand, or just need to offload their thoughts or worries.

Paid Services

For some of our services, we charge a small fee. This is for our time and expertise. If you are struggling, you can request to pay in instalments. To access these services you must live in Staffordshire and be a client.

What is Autism?

Autism affects the way a person communicates and how they experience the world around them. It is considered a spectrum condition. While people with Autism share some similar characteristics, they are also all different from each other. The autism spectrum isn't linear from high to low but varies, just as one person might vary from another.

People with Autism may:
• find it hard to communicate and interact with other people
• not understand social rules and might seem blunt or rude
• find it hard to understand how other people think or feel
• take things very literally
• find things like bright lights, loud noises, smells, or certain textures overwhelming, stressful or uncomfortable
• get anxious or upset about unfamiliar situations and social events
• get anxious about any changes to routine
• take longer to understand information
• repeat the same things over and over
• have highly specific interests or hobbies
• notice details that others miss
• have increased empathy or immense care for people or animals

Facts and Figures

Autism diagnoses are on the rise and it is estimated that approximately one in every 100 children in the UK has autism. It is thought that for every three children with a diagnosis of autism there are another two children who have the condition but have not been given a formal diagnosis. Many people do not realise they have autism or get a diagnosis until adulthood. 
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More than 700,000 individuals have been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum in the UK.


Only 16% of adults with autism in the UK are in full-time paid employment, and only 32% are in paid work.


143,500 school aged children have autism stated as their primary type of need in Special Educational Needs Support and Education


Autism is diagnosed between four and five times more in males than females. Autism in females is sometimes not recognised.

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